2019 General elections in India, Why are they so Important !

I’m not into blogging since 2009 now. In between I had written only one post in 2014 on the eve of general elections. Thus my last two posts were at the gap of 5 years each, incidentally on the eve of general elections of 2009 and 2014 respectively. So this year now again at the eve of general elections I’m writing this post to maintain my record.

Firstly a lot has changed in India in these last five years and sadly for worse. Social media has a big role to play in it. This change is the outcome of how politics has shaped in these five years. The ruling party BJP changed rules of the game in 2013 when they started their massive campaign for 2014 general elections. Before 2013, social media was much more pleasant and  TV media was much less nasty. WhatsApp was mostly limited to family pics and jokes. And then came the BJP and its campaign. All these social media mediums were full of political messages. Full of political propaganda. Full of Fake news and full of hate.

People in India were not used to the phenomenon of fake news then. A lot of misinformation was spread on social media as part of campaign, which people took for genuine information. The flood of fake news has not stopped since then and in fact 2013 can be called beginning of fake news revolution in India. I for one feel very strongly about fake news. I hate any kind of propaganda and misinformation. On example I would like to quote is the famous “Modi saved 15000 Gujaratis in a day in Uttarakhand floods of 2013” This “news” was videly shared on social media. This “news” played a major role in shaping Modi’s popularity outside Gujarat.Millions of people who heard this “news” and made positive opinion of Modi, could never know that it was a fake news !

The new government was sworn in May 2014. By then the social media was firmly a political battlefield. Each and Everything was politicized. How the PM Modi is standing, earlier PMs didn’t stand like that. At what position Modi ji is standing among world leaders, earlier PMs used to stand in the side.  These clicks were all random clicks, by choosing different pics one could just prove opposite point, but the propaganda ran unabated. During a TV debate in around 2016, a ruling party member said “Now Indian PM is respected around the world, earlier Indian PM when travelled abroad they weren’t even allowed to meet their counterparts for 10-15 days” It was blatant falsehood. But the anchor didn’t contradict it and said “Its fine but we are discussing something else  here” !!We started receiving daily messages on whatsapp and facebook that how India is gaining “respect” around the world which was not the case earlier. Modi ji himself said it during his speeches “pichle 2-3 salon se pure vishva me bharat ki jai jai kar ho rahi hai (Whole world is hailing India since last 2-3 years” It was pathetic and laughable thing to be said by a prime minister !

Twitter/Facebook  were becoming  nightmare by now. Anyone even mildly criticizing the government was brutally abused and trolled on social media. Such things were unheard of earlier.  There is a huge troll army propagated by the ruling party and instructed to attack anyone even questioning the government. There is a book named “I am a Troll” by journalist Swati Chaturvedi exploring this troll Army of the ruling party.Rape and death threats on social media had become  common. And now the most outrageous part, the Prime Minister of India on twitter follows some of the most abusive trolls on twitter. He is the Only major leader across the world to follow abusive trolls. Why he does it? Of course to show solidarity with them. This was a new low.

And then came the legendary “National-Anti National” Thing. Based on certain (tasteless) slogans raised by unknown persons during an event at prestigious JNU, the entire university was tagged anti national. The central govt was expected to respond with more maturity but it didn’t. Surely those who raised slogans should be identified and action should be taken as per the law, but as on date on even a charge sheet is filed against anyone in that case. Central govt only saw political mileage in this issue. Recently defense minister of India said that enemies of the nation are at JNU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? Enemies of nation was 6 km from where defense minister of India is sitting and she cannot do anything about it? It was outrageous for a person sitting in such a responsible position to malign a university just for political mileage for her party. All propriety has been set aside, only political mileage matters.

This didn’t stop at JNU, nowadays anyone questioning the government is rottenly called anti national and advised to go to Pakistan. Prime minister of India, during an election rally in Gujarat (during 2017) alleged that a former PM, former VP and former Army chief were indulged in a conspiracy with Pakistan to make BJP loose Gujarat election. What an outrageous thing to be said by prime minister ! but he did it and he keeps uttering such things time and again and no one can counter him, guess why? Because prime minister never takes questions. He has never ever held a press conference (first Indian PM to do it) and the few interviews which he has given are to select friendly channels with no counter questions allowed and tricky questions were not to be asked.

Coming to “news” channels, a medium destroyed in last 4-5 years. Now certain news channels are amazingly and openly partisan. They keep attacking opposition parties on daily basis with one excuse or the other. They keep praising ruling party and the PM always and never even attempt to question or criticize it. If there is any news which reflects poorly on ruling regime then its given a twist or simply blacked out !!!! There are no words to describe status of TV media in india today. Even newspapers (specially) hindi newspapers are no better. Recently there was a “news” in a prominan Hindi newspaper that “experts are of the opinion that of Modi doesn’t become PM again in 2019, the rupee will slide below Rs 75 a dollar”. This is laughable, no expert talks like that, they give technical reasons. Obviously name of expert was not given in the news. Most of the media is now compromised beyond imagination.

One new phenomenon is being spread is that there are lots of anti-nationals in india. “Liberals” are being painted as anti nationals. Even people who didn’t knew meaning of “liberal” five years back are saying liberals are to be blamed for everything. Another grudge is against “intellectuals” the authors, artists, scientists, economists who question present govt or even try to fact check (mostly inaccurate) claims by BJP and its leaders are dubbed anti india and trolled and abused badly. A new term “Tukde Tukde Gang” has been coined for anyone who questions BJP or Modi. Questioning BJP or Government is being linked to questioning India itself ! BJP in last 20 years made “Secular” a bad word. But present BJP regime made “liberal” and “intellectual” also bad words (for their supporters) in mere 5 years. JNU is just a mascot, people are now made to believe there are many in india who hate india, who hate Hindus. This is simply pathetic. Many people influenced by social media propaganda, now believe that those who dont support Modi are anti nationals and anti India. A lot has changed in India. and lately there is attempts.

Present government has been in campaign mode 24 x 7 since last 5 tears. Worse part is, Even foreign policy of India, its economic policy and almost everything it does is focused on domestic messaging and influencing voters.  If an inidan minister plans a meeting with Pakistan counterpart at a world event, it is cancelled after outrage on twitter ! Even army operations such as “surgical strike” are openly politicized by the govt and PM himself. There is lot of criticism of Indian govt in foreign media , but the government doesn’t bother, only domestic messaging to voters matter, nothing else.

Another thing I wish to highlight is that of Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir has been  such that the Central govt has to play hard and soft ball depending upon the situation. Kashmir was relatively peaceful in previous decade before 2014.However things are on a boil in Kashmir since last 4-5 years. Kashmiris are often resentful towards India. Present government has unfortunately made Kashmir a part of its politics in rest of India. On whatsapp groups and social media, messages keep coming on how  the macho central govt is teaching Kashmiris a lesson. The tone of the messages is tasteless such as “I will bear Rs 500/litre price for petrol but Kashmiris need to be thrashed” Now the centre just can’t adopt middle path in Kashmir for fear of loosing votes of its core voters. It is a huge mistake to make the army action in Kashmir a part of politics in rest of India, but sadly it is happening today.

One part about which I am really concerned that even economic indicators such as GDP growth figures are politicized and manipulated. Indian economic statistics used to be credible, scientific and comparable with the best in the world, now the latest GDP figures released by the govt are said to be fudged as they don’t commensurate with other economy parameters such as export growth, corporate profits etc. Now some of the ideologically inclined economists are supporting govt data while most of the reputed and global economists openly doubt and question data.  Recently 109 reputed economists have expressed concern about integrity of Indian data. Such things never happened earlier.

Another thing which I want to highlight is staggering intellectual dishonesty of the present government. The economic data is manipulated. We  have seen how even PM has been economic with the truth during his address to people. Fake news factories are in full swing.Same is happening in TV debates where many of the participants openly and clearly lie and quote these fake news, which is never contested by the anchor.  Even official govt reports are influenced by propaganda , sometime back an official home ministry report published a European international border with floodlights implying it to be India-Pak border. Inconvenient reports and data are manipulated or suppressed or not published at all (eg employment record is suppressed by govt). During earlier times, statements made by prime minister or union minister or even party spokesmen used to carry some weight, they talked sense and supposed to be truthful, now only politics matter. All kinds of lies and propaganda are common from people sitting on high constitutional posts. Very very sad indeed.

As I write this blog, Prime minister of India is campaigning and in election rallies openly saying only Terrorists and Pakistan want me to lose thus dubbing all opposition as pro-pakistan and anti india. Such things were unthinkable 5 years back and coming from Prime minister’s mouth its just out of the world. The way society has polarized inlast 5 years is amazing and BJP is leaving no stone unturned to further add fuel to flames. Social fabric of india nurtured over decades is already broken and BJP is on mission to tatter it forever. BJP MPs, Ministers, CMs openly incite hatred.

Cow related lynchings and hate crime has risen exponentially in last 5 years and saddest part is that many of the BJP ministers and MPs openly defend the accused. Infamously a BJP union minister welcomed and garlanded lynching accused in Bihar. Whatever thought to be unthinkable, is now happening and being made normalized. Most troubling part is that such bigotry is being normalized with the help of a large chunk of conventional media. Yogi Adityanath ws made CM of UP in an outrageous move. His only achievement was that he was considered muslim baiter and hate monger. So many people now feel open and free to openly utter brazen communal hatred, many people were communal earlier also but now nobody feels that there is anything wrong in openly expressing their hatred. A BJP spokesperson recently threatened a muslim participant on live TV debate” just shut up or else I will change name of your masjid on name of lord Vishnu” Anchors rarely object to things like these. Minority baiting is in fashion now. Recently Govt of India  has proposed a law to give Indian citizenship to migrants from neighbour countries based on their religion. Basic ethos of our country is being compromised.

The “Scientific Temper” in India is a victim of what is going on these days. Lots of politicians from ruling party including union ministers keep saying stupid things like “Cow exhales oxygen” or “Darvin was wrong as nobody in ancient india saw creatures evolving”Indian Science Congress , a prestigious gathering of top scientific minds I nindia has been the worst victims. Since 4-5 years now,  amid gathering of genuine scientists many “invitees” make laughable claims such that ancient Indians had developed aeroplanes, nuclear weapons and used to do inter-planetary travel ! Many scientists have termed the Indian science congress as a circus now !

Today Political polarization in India has reached extreme. Before 2013 also, people spoke about politics but only occasionally. I myself rarely discussed politics with friends and with family. Now politics is everywhere. Everyone is polarized. Family whatsapp groups are full of political propaganda and messages. on whatsapp groups (more so on non family groups) intense political debates/arguments are common.

Political parties are daily generating and spreading propaganda to their target base and this keeps polarizing people further and further.I, personally have had political debates with close friends in last 4-5 years , with whom I never ever had any political discussion earlier. And with those friends who have opposing views, there is some unsaid uneasiness. Which is not good. Even in families there are political debate, between siblings, between mother-daughter and between all relatives. How this divisive politics has reached homes and families. Political polarization now is at extreme, it was never the case earlier. Everyone is either pro-modi or anti-modi, and both sides have extreme views. There is rarely any middle ground. Even professionals, economists etc moderate their views based on their political standing. God forbid if judiciary or defence establishment is polarized in future !!

It is not that no one is noticing such things, A large number of artists, writers, scientists, economists, film makers etc have expressed the concern over the direction India is taking. But the brazenness of the govt is unbelievable. With the help of pliant media and social media trolls, all such people are abused and declared anti india. All opposition leaders are painted as anti india. As if India was ruled by anti-India elements before 2014 !

This 2019 election, therefore, is not just any other general election, it is an election which will decide whether our India will remain India or not. I request our fellow countrymen to go vote and vote after thoroughly understanding what is happening in the country.


India’s capital (New Delhi) and India’s Media

I am back to the blog after long. Interestingly my last post was on eve of general elections in 2009 and this post is on the eve of next general elections of 2014. So 5 long years passed !!

Not that I deliberately chose this time, but I felt compelled to express my self about certain things I keep on hearing in the media.Indian media (and for that matter people) is known to be stereo typing, they create loud noise,hue & cry, build an image about people, things, places etc and continue to harness it , blatantly & shamelessly.

One of such examples is about city of Delhi. Media keeps on tagging Delhi as “Most unsafe” , “Most corrupt” and what not in their news, never highlighting good things about the city. And most of the time being blatant & wrongly putting facts giving bizarre and silly arguments (as listed below the first item).

Few examples below

1)    I was aghast by this and this prompted me to write this post.

After AAP’s win in Delhi assembly elections in December-2013, A journalist (Kumar ketkar if I remember name correctly on CNN-IBN) said on TV, “ parties like Aam admi party can win in Delhi but cannot be successful is Mumbai as Mumbai is a city of practical & mature people and such fairytale to remove corruption and clean politics by a new party will not be taken well by mature mumbaikars.

My question to Mr ketkar “ Does maturity lie in not supporting promises to clean politics and rather lies in supporting social hatred and violence against own countrymen?. No points for guessing, the biggest trump card to win “Mature “ Mumbai voters is to spread social hatred, indulge in street violence and goondagardi which has been the biggest political issue there.

Here I don’t intend to undermine Mumbai or its residents but intent is to rather show mirror to the particular journalist.

Not only Mr ketkar, I heard similar comments elsewhere also denying any credit to Delhites of choosing an alternate politics, rather branding them as non mature for not giving majority to traditional cong & bjp. Thank god Delhiets are not “mature” enough.

My point is here not to demean Mumbaikars. But I want to ask why Delhietes are not being given credit for opting an alternate brand of politics (Which may or may not prove to be successful), and rather they are being dubbed as “immature”. Hence a positive is turned into negative. 

2) Now An example how Delhi is denied credit it deserves.Delhi has been the rebellion capital of india where youth power of India is on full display. Youth of Delhi is well aware, mature and comes out of their comfort zone to demand justice for others and protest against the system unlike other “mature” cities. But Delhi is never given credit for such passionately display of its people against the social evils.

Be it Anna movement, India against corruption, Youth for equality movement against blatant reservations, whether Nirbhaya case or Jessica case. Youth of Delhi has always come and shown its power. On the contrary Anna movement was flopped in other cities when once he did his Anshan outside Delhi.

And again Delhi is never given credit and was rather dubbed as “angry” city  by Media (CNN IBN in this case). Hence yet again this positive  of Delhi is turned into negative.And other cities are never criticized for being apathetic to various social issues.

3) Delhi being showcased as “most unsafe” city of India. And when one looks for the basis, The basis are always “opinion polls” and not the hard data. And “opinions” are always driven by what media shows day in and day out.

“An autowallah brushes against the feet of a woman while taking out some material from under the back seat of auto becomes a national headline like ”Woman molested in Delhi”, as the front page news. But the rape & murders happening in other parts of india don’t even find a mention forget about being in headline. As per the statistics there is a rape in India every half an hour hence about 50 rapes take place in this country daily, but none of that finds even mention and autowallah-brushes-hands becomes the National Headline News.

Agreed, crime numbers in Delhi is higher than some other cities but on per capita basis its lower than most other cities. Only thing is that media shows Delhi news day in and day out and this may form opinions in people and these opinions very much created by media are the basis of the opinion polls which further create opinions. And his cycle goes on.

Above three points are just few examples. i am sick of such biased and stereotypical attitude of media towards Delhi. One reason may be that 90% of national media is based in Delhi. And that good news is no news, they have to show bad news only.

Another factor is also that there is no Local pride in Delhi unlike cities of Mumbai, Kokata, Chennai etc, which of course is not a bad thing, but it simply doesn’t exist in Delhi. There are no “ketkars” from Delhi who will put shameless and laughable opinions just to support his city and demean others. Also In Delhi there are no “locals” or “outsiders”. This is another outstanding feature of this city which media fail to recognize due to their biased attitude.

Objective of this post is not to demean other Indian cities but to help Delhi get its due respect as one of the greatest cities in the world which has historically been capital of this country under many dynasties, which constantly faced barbaric attacks , destroyed and rebuilt and stood from the Ashes and it today stands tall as the capital of the largest democracy in the world.

And India’s Next PM is……










General Elections are approaching in India, and I am very curious about it. Have always been. I started taking interest in politics since I was about 15, and when Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the PM for the first time in 1996. My family has been a supporter of BJP (Supporter in the sense that they wanted to see a change after so long of congress rule) . I remember my father asked the hawker specially to drop all the newspapers at our home when Mr Vajpayee took oath. And then Govt fell after 13 days, and I was disappointed, that was the very moment in my life when I started taking interest in politics and started following it closely being a BJP supporter.

  Of late I’m not that ardent follower of politics, the reason probably is that I don’t have faith in any of the political parties.But still, lok sabha elections and the counting of votes will surely be my biggest attraction on the print and electronic media in the coming days.

The biggest question is that who will be our next PM this time, let’s take a look at the contenders

1) Dr Manmohan Singh: (Current Prime Minister of India)

He is my favourite to be the next PM and lead us again. He is an educated, experienced and most importantly honest person. I admired him when he put his government at stake for Indo US Nuclear deal, when as a finance minister he started the process of economic reforms. He is a decent, soft-spoken and nice being and  deserve the top job more than anyone else. But I would like him to come out of the shadow of Sonia Gandhi

2) L K Advani: (Current leader of opposition and former Union Home minister) 

He is my second choice for the top job for having vast political experience, having been MP,home minister and deputy prime minister of India.He is well educated and i believe he  has the knack to lead the country from the front. He has a reputation of being a tough and dynamic administrator. And of late he has been trying to get rid of his image as a communal leader, which i would like him to do.

Above two are the prime ministerial candidates of the two leading national parties/coalitions and have all chance to grab the top job.Following are some other contenders whose names are doing rounds in the media.

3) Mayawati: (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh state of India)


I don’t think she has any real chance to become PM and more importantly she doesn’t deserve to be PM. Her wrong points are her opportunism, her aggression, corruption charges, lack of experience in central politics and lack of decency and sophistication among many more. Yes, she has some strong points as well like she is a tough administrator, she has risen to this level on her own and the fact that she can not be driven by others. If she becomes PM, she will certainly not be a “weak” PM.

 4) Sharad Pawar: (Current Union agriculture Minister)


His name too is coming up and I don’t understand why. There is nothing wrong with him as a contender, he is experienced politician, has been a good MP and minister, has got good administratrive experience too being central minister. But if it comes to the number game, he doesn’t stand any chance

 5) Narendra Modi: (Current Chief Minister of Gujarat State of India)


 If I am right, his name was thrown by some industrialists as an option for Prime ministership. Certainly his industry friendly approach has done good for Gujarat state of India. On personal level he can surely be an effective PM, having enough administrative/political experience, being a strong and capable chief minister and being development oriented.
But, BJP has to win 271 seats for him to become prime minister,  that’s because of his image as an anti Muslim politician and the role of his government during notorious Gujarat riots.

Out of the above, My personal choice is  Dr Manmohan Singh, but something in me wants to see a change, so I wont be disappointed if Mr Advani take the charge of our country this time.

There is every possibility that none of them gets the chance and something unexpected happens, that’s why the outcome of these elections is going to be very interesting.

Let us see what happens, the countdown has already begun…

Why should India fiddle with Sri Lankan issue?


Recently this has been a big issue, and I saw no post on the subject in the blogs I visit, so decided to write something about it. It’s a common knowledge that Sri Lankan government is on the way of eliminating the LTTE, a notorious terrorist organization of Sri Lanka who have been engaged in conducting heinous crimes against the humanity including assassination of  former prime minister of India,  Rajeev Gandhi and several top Sri Lankan politicians.


The aim of LTTE is to create a separate Tamil country in the northern and eastern parts of the island nation.LTTE are notorious for suicide bombings and here they outnumber even the Islamic terror groups. They have trained huge number of children to become suicide bombers who always carry cyanide capsules with them.Nowadays the government of Sri Lanka is running a massive campaign to eliminate LTTE and reportedly many civil Tamilians are too being victims of the same. This is an abhorable act by the government in Sri Lanka if some civilians too are suffering as a result of their drive against the militant outfit.


 Obviously India and other democratic countries in the world should condemn this act and request the government of Sri Lanka to protect the rights of the civilian people. I believe the reaction of India in this particular case should be same as it’s reaction in the case of Israel’s drive in Gaza which is again inhuman.But i dont think India can go out of the way and and force the Sri Lankan government to act in any particular manner.  


But what’s happening here in India is something different. The government of Tamilnadu state in India is forcing the Government of India to send very senior envoys to Sri Lanka and force them to stop their action against LTTE. Recently there have been lots of disruptions and Bandhs in Tamilnadu and even the colleges were to be closed. In Tamilnadu, there have been more bandhs for Srilankan Tamils than Indian Tamils, forget about other Indians:)  Even the political parties of tamilnadu are known to have links with LTTE.


This is what I find not appropriate, why India should go out of the way in the internal matter of Sri Lanka.I am all for the rights of civilians in Sri Lanka and for that matter any other country on the planet but have my reservations about Indian government interfering everywhere in the world and direct the respective governments to act. Can India go to Israel and make them stop their inhuman acts in Philistine, I don’t think so.World’s most influential country USA could do something but certainly not India.   


I must say I am surprised by this move by the government of Tamilnadu. Apparently they are doing so because LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils also speak Tamil and are of same ethnic origin as them. But, so what? Even in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Pakistan one can find people of same ethnic origin as Indians, so can India take the responsibility to protect their rights rather than the governments of the respective countries. It is the responsibility of the government of a country to protect the rights of its citizens and not that of a foreign country.


The idea of so called same race and ethnic origin is costing our country dearly nowadays. In Indian state of maharashtra, people belonging to other parts of the country have been killed by the local political parties in hope to get votes. In Karnataka state of India, people of Maharashtra are being treated badly and in return buses entering from Karnata were burnt in maharashtra.Also there were incidents of people of Karnataka and Tamilnadu beating each other. Regionalism, along with terrorism has become a roadblock in the progress of our country. And in rest of India (Northern India, Gujarat, West Bengal, Orissa, AP, etc) people fight on the names of caste and religion, if not region.


I am sorry to say; still we humans are deeply divided and there is no point in growing up and being educated if we are going to hate other people who we think are not like “us”.


PS- Recently Sri Lankan Army released photographs of Indian tamil leader Vaiko with LTTE chief Phabhakaran in the LTTE uniform. Later Vaiko said that he is proud on the photos and his LTTE links. Vaiko is a prominant Tamil politician and is known to have links with LTTE.


Our Obsession with full digits and how much do we suffer from it


I don’t know whether anyone has thought about it or not but at least I have not read or heard anyone talking about it; this thought has always been doing rounds inside me, and that is, our obsession with full digits. All of us have a tendency to jump to the nearest full digits at the slightest opportunity. But I don’t think anyone has ever estimated the loss do we humans suffer to due to our obsession with full digits.


Following are some examples which come to my mind instantly


Suppose a deal is going to be settled logically at 99.5 lakh, then there is all probability that they will settle it in100 lakhs. Now why on earth should one party bear a loss of 50 thousand?


An investment Guru is giving 10 best stocks to invest in.

Suppose there are only 9 stocks fulfilling the criteria of the investment Guru, but to make it 10, he might have included one stock not worth inclusion. Or may be he might have a total 12 stocks fulfilling his criteria, but he gave us only 10, in that case too, he has deprived us of some information due to obsession with full digits.


My teacher wanted to know how muchtime i would require to solve a problem

I thought 5 mins would be too less and 10 mins would be too much, but still I ended up saying either 5 or 10 mins, though what I wanted to say was “7 mins”. I was deprived of giving correct assessment of time required by me.


One has to start a new project conceived on Friday afternoon, and even with six working days in a week (ie Saturday working), it’s decided to start the job from the coming Monday. Who is now responsible for this time loss?


The reasons for this obsession is psychological for sure, and I don’t want to go into further details of it. Here I have raised a question, the question is not that why are we obsessed with full digits, but, why do we suffer losses for this and why no one has not yet estimated the extent of it.



Blog on break

Dear All

I’m on an official tour since last 20 odd days, very busy out here, hence not able to blog. Am extremely sorry for not being able to leave a message before going. Shall be very busy till almost mid Jan, will not be able to write here or read other blogs.

Some bad news of dirty terror attacks in our beloved Mumbai came in between, which has hurt all of us. Donno what’s the solution, nothing canbe done without political will. Hope new central Govt to be elected next year will bring some results.

Dear Mumbaikars, show to the terrorists that they can not stop Mumbai/India with their monstrous acts.We are all with you.  


Regards and Happy new year in advance



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Evolution of Humans: Developed world and Developing world















Recently a British genetics expert, Steve Jones stated that humans in developed world have stopped evolving, because people there in western countries need not struggle for there survival and the famous theory of Darvin “survival for the fittest” doesn’t come into picture. And he didn’t miss saying that the evolution hasn’t stopped in the developing world, because people there have to struggle for survival.


I am no expert in the evolution theory of genetics, nor have I studied biology beyond matriculation, nor I want to challenge the British expert because I am not qualified enough, but I cant suppress something in me which tend to disagree.


This seems to be a loose statement and I differ and would like to raise some points


He says that humans in developing countries stopped evolving because they need to struggle for survival. Well, I feel this is a very sweeping statement, as not all people in developing countries struggle to survive, many of the people live as lavish life as people in developed countries. So does that mean that in developing countries too some people have stopped evolving? Evolution takes a vast time frame, even for a minor change thousands of years pass. And I don’t think it takes anything more than a century for backward countries to develop, so as per the theory of Mr Steve, nowadays peole of developing countries are subject to evolution and after hundred years they will again stop evolving? It seems Mr Steve has assumed that all backward countries will remain backward in next thousand years.

Or can anyone say it for sure that all people in developed countries need not struggle for survival.


Even if I view it from another point of view, and forget about developed and backward countries as mentioned by Mr Steve, can it be assumed that anyone irrespective of country he lives in, if lives in extreme poverty, then his further generations would also live in extreme poverty so that evolution could take place?

I think evolution theory is not same for humans and animals, as animals can not change their life at their will, they will live in jungle, struggle for survival and in the process, will evolve. But in case of humans, as they have got the ability of change their life due to highly developed mind, their process of evolution should be different. Suppose someone lives in extreme poverty and need to struggle for survival, so is his next generation, so next to next generation, but it’s not guaranteed that his 100 generations will live for sure in extreme conditions for evolution to come into picture. In fact it’s very likey that his next generations live in much better conditions.  


One more fault (at least I think so) in Mr Steve’s theory is that he has assumed that if conditions so come, people in developed world will not evolve, and also there wont be any crisis which would call for further evolution of humans.


Evolution takes place in a very vast time frame, but nature has made it sure that even in a very short time frame further generations of living beings may be born with somewhat better profile, by making two sexes in almost all of living beings.

All the species happen to have a tendency to extend their population and two sexes can help the newborn inheriting better of two. This is a natural refinement process of the living beings, but unfortunately we humans waste it because in our civilization marriage is supposed to happen only between equals.