When i was a kid, we used to watch Olympics with great curiosity, particularly after we read in the school about the famous story behind Marathon race in Athens.. but it was a shock for me when my elder brother told me once that India never win these games..and it was before when i came to know that we are a backward country..

Anyway, in my growing years (80’s and 90’s)  I never heard India winning a medal in Olympic, and I lost all my interest in the games.. But we saw a glimpse of Hope when Lander Paes won a Tennis bronze in 1996 Atlanta  Olympics followed by Karnam Malleswari wining a bronze in weight lifting in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and further we won India’s first ever Individual silver medal when Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won a silver in Shooting event in 2004 Athens Olympics..

We all know what’s the reason for India’s failure in the olympics, and we all say it’s due to pathetic sports infrastructure in the country, which is due to lack of sports culture and apathy of the government. But why we lack the sports culture? They say in Hindi “Kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab, phadoge likhoge to banoge nawab”..this saying itself justifies the pathetic sports culture in Indian society. But why is it so?, i think that’s largely because in India  sports were never considered a means of earning..Though i dont know much but the tradition sports in India (I can talk about north India only, and am not sure about south) but  “Kushti” (Wrestling), “Kabaddi” , “Gilli danda”, “Fights of hens”, “kite flying” etc are being played in India since very ancient times., and even these sports were hardly modes of earning (Yes sometimes Kings and influential people used to give rewards to the people winning some competitions in these games).Even in today’s society due to lack of sports infrastructure parents dont see any future of their children in sports and force them to concentrate on studies only.

Anyway let us come back to Olympics, this time It all changed to  better and was historical when we won three individual Olympic medals in this years Beijing Olympics..This is India’s best olympics ever..

First Abhinav Bindra created History by winning India’s first ever Individual Gold medal and then it was folowed by Sushil Kumar winning bronze in wrestling and then Vijender Kumar Singh winning bronze in boxing..

Let us take it as a  beginning, it was almost impossible for India to win an individual olympic medal, and now we have come to a tally of three, also we are going to host Commonwealth Games in 2010 in Delhi, and formula one race in the same year in Noida.. this wil further boost sports culture in our country and we can surely hope to better our records further in 2012 London Olympics






We are living in the 21st century with very advanced technology and have witnessed a magical advancement in the technology particularly in the field of electronics. When I see governments across the globe spending huge amounts on advancement in the technology in the field of electronics, electrical, mechanical and IT, I feel we are lacking the similar efforts in medical research.


Today we l have a grave threat in the form of a fatal disease named AIDS, which has defeated all our technologyt. Even in today’s modern world, being diagnosed with HIV means first to wait for ultimately diagnosing with the AIDS and then to wait for the death. As per an estimate by WHO nearly 40 million people across the world are living with HIV, and the worst thing is that only about 20% of them are aware of their disease. Here the situation becomes graver as the people who don’t know they are HIV positive may continue transferring their disease to others as the HIV can transfer through unprotected sex.There must be many other diseases for which there are no cure but the threat AIDS brings to the world is very alarming. The disease is spreading very fast in the world and India is no exception.


And in our country we never want to take lead in any fundamental research, we always wait for the western world to do some wonders. Government in our country is doing it’s bit in spreading awareness about AIDS but if it comes to finding some cure, we are awaiting western world to come with results.


Even in the western world of course lots of works are going on in the research but have not yielded any results so far.Yes, some progress is achieved but that’s not up to the mark. I wonder whether they(Governments) are trying their best or want to invest more money in better profit making technologies or the (Defense) technologies that will ensure their dominance over rest of the world.In the US 60% of the total budget allocated to HIV/AIDS activities goes in care of the people who are already diagnosed and only about 14% goes in research and rest is spent in prevention, financial assistance to the patients etc. Of course care of the people already diagnosed is necessary but no less importance should be given to the research works, after all by doing research only we can hope to fight against the deadly disease.Here i dont mean that pouring money in the research will bring the results for sure but it reflects the seriousness to the job in hand.   


 I hope we humans aim to do our best to find the ways for the well being of our society and civilization, and anything else should be secondary and in this regard finding a cure of HIV is one of the most crucial targets for us. 





Now reservation in faculty of IIT’s

There had been lot of fuss about reservation of OBC candidates in central universities (Including IIT’s and IIM’s), but now I was even more disturbed when I heard about implementation of 50% quota in faculty too.


If someone asks what is it makes IIT’s so special, answer is obvious it’s students,faculty and infrastructure. In case of infrastructure we are not helpless as we can build any infrastructure with investing money.And of course there wont be any dearth of talented students, as hundreds of thousands students take JEE every year, and only about 5000 are selected, and these are the best of brains in our country.But, the real dearth in case of IIT’s is of facuty, the faculty of our IIT’s at present is world class and it is the faculty which makes IIT’s IIT in real sense.The dearth in faculty is due to the fact that talented and educated people hardly choose teaching as an option and the compensation given to the faculty dont help either.


But now what’s going to happen, 50% of the faculty will be selected because they belong to one particular cast. That’s why all IIT’s were strongly opposed to the move of reservation in faculty. But I felt sad in reading today’s newspaper that finally IIT’s have surrendered against our stupid and criminal politicians and have now accepted the move, anyway they had to bow against the Govt they had no choice.


 But it all shows how our politicians like Arjun Singh are busy destroying our prestigious educational institutes  for political interests. Everyone can understand what a few hundred seats in IIT faculty can do for the upliftment of the underprivileged. Rather he, as HRD minister could have taken initiative to open schools in the most backwards areas of the country, and would have allowed all dalit children free of cost. There are lakhs of villages in our country without a single school, but no he will not do that, he will destroy our IIT’s IIM’s an AIIMS to gain cheap publicity.


 I still don’t understand why cant we leave alone our IIT’s to excel and compete with the best in the world, I am sad and disappointed.