Why should India fiddle with Sri Lankan issue?


Recently this has been a big issue, and I saw no post on the subject in the blogs I visit, so decided to write something about it. It’s a common knowledge that Sri Lankan government is on the way of eliminating the LTTE, a notorious terrorist organization of Sri Lanka who have been engaged in conducting heinous crimes against the humanity including assassination of  former prime minister of India,  Rajeev Gandhi and several top Sri Lankan politicians.


The aim of LTTE is to create a separate Tamil country in the northern and eastern parts of the island nation.LTTE are notorious for suicide bombings and here they outnumber even the Islamic terror groups. They have trained huge number of children to become suicide bombers who always carry cyanide capsules with them.Nowadays the government of Sri Lanka is running a massive campaign to eliminate LTTE and reportedly many civil Tamilians are too being victims of the same. This is an abhorable act by the government in Sri Lanka if some civilians too are suffering as a result of their drive against the militant outfit.


 Obviously India and other democratic countries in the world should condemn this act and request the government of Sri Lanka to protect the rights of the civilian people. I believe the reaction of India in this particular case should be same as it’s reaction in the case of Israel’s drive in Gaza which is again inhuman.But i dont think India can go out of the way and and force the Sri Lankan government to act in any particular manner.  


But what’s happening here in India is something different. The government of Tamilnadu state in India is forcing the Government of India to send very senior envoys to Sri Lanka and force them to stop their action against LTTE. Recently there have been lots of disruptions and Bandhs in Tamilnadu and even the colleges were to be closed. In Tamilnadu, there have been more bandhs for Srilankan Tamils than Indian Tamils, forget about other Indians:)  Even the political parties of tamilnadu are known to have links with LTTE.


This is what I find not appropriate, why India should go out of the way in the internal matter of Sri Lanka.I am all for the rights of civilians in Sri Lanka and for that matter any other country on the planet but have my reservations about Indian government interfering everywhere in the world and direct the respective governments to act. Can India go to Israel and make them stop their inhuman acts in Philistine, I don’t think so.World’s most influential country USA could do something but certainly not India.   


I must say I am surprised by this move by the government of Tamilnadu. Apparently they are doing so because LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils also speak Tamil and are of same ethnic origin as them. But, so what? Even in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Pakistan one can find people of same ethnic origin as Indians, so can India take the responsibility to protect their rights rather than the governments of the respective countries. It is the responsibility of the government of a country to protect the rights of its citizens and not that of a foreign country.


The idea of so called same race and ethnic origin is costing our country dearly nowadays. In Indian state of maharashtra, people belonging to other parts of the country have been killed by the local political parties in hope to get votes. In Karnataka state of India, people of Maharashtra are being treated badly and in return buses entering from Karnata were burnt in maharashtra.Also there were incidents of people of Karnataka and Tamilnadu beating each other. Regionalism, along with terrorism has become a roadblock in the progress of our country. And in rest of India (Northern India, Gujarat, West Bengal, Orissa, AP, etc) people fight on the names of caste and religion, if not region.


I am sorry to say; still we humans are deeply divided and there is no point in growing up and being educated if we are going to hate other people who we think are not like “us”.


PS- Recently Sri Lankan Army released photographs of Indian tamil leader Vaiko with LTTE chief Phabhakaran in the LTTE uniform. Later Vaiko said that he is proud on the photos and his LTTE links. Vaiko is a prominant Tamil politician and is known to have links with LTTE.



7 Responses to “Why should India fiddle with Sri Lankan issue?”

  1. Destination Infinity Says:

    The tamil people are fiercely proud of their heritage and mainly their language – Tamil. You can talk your way through in Bangalore and Hyderabad with Hindi but you can’t do the same in Chennai. The regionalism is more based on language than the area that is being occupied. But sometimes, the divide is followed to the extent of avoiding other languages. (The only language that has been able to break the barrier has been English). But due to such a love for their language, they have come up with exemplary forms of art. Take the music for example – I have always found Tamil music and artist’s to be on par or even better than Bollywood at times.

    And yes, the Sri Lankan Govt. has done a great deal of discrimination against the Tamil people in its country and has suffered because of it, mainly. That always strikes an emotional chord among people in TN and the bonding towards fellow Tamilians is quite strong, where ever they are. The very name – Tamil Nadu translates to “The country of people speaking Tamil”. I am personally proud and happy that I know to speak, read and write Tamil, though my mother tongue is not Tamil.

    Destination Infinity

  2. vivekmittal Says:

    Thanks for your views.
    If you read my post carefully, the only objection that i have made is against forcing Central Govt to interfere with Srilankan govt and make them stop their drive against LTTE, which i think India cannot do in their capacity.

    Tamil culture and language is indeed great but i’m not talking about that in the post..

  3. nothingness Says:

    why india has to supply arms, military hardware and train srilankans to agaist tamil eelam freedom fighters.
    india says only political solutions but military actions. is it coward double standards.
    why Rajiv gandhi wanted to kill tamil leader prabakaran when came with white flag to surrender the arms to IPKF.
    Did Rajiv Gandhi have terrorist mind to show his primister power?

    why india, usa & euro are invloved in tamil genocide ? to aquire natural resoureces in the name recession?


  4. vivekmittal Says:


    I respect your views, and strongly condemn genocide going on in Sri Lanka…But dont have any sympathy for LTTE either
    Thanks for your views

  5. nothingess Says:

    will future generation of tamilians will forgive / teach india & united nation lession.



  6. vivekmittal Says:


    For whatever is going in Sri Lanka is against humanity and the UN is certainly responsible for the same, and also the US who always seek to interfere in the internal matter of other countries but only for self interest….

  7. Shalu Sharma Says:

    Well this is a difficult one. Sri Lanka is so close to India and we have Tamils who sympathesise with the Tamils cause.

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