Now reservation in faculty of IIT’s

There had been lot of fuss about reservation of OBC candidates in central universities (Including IIT’s and IIM’s), but now I was even more disturbed when I heard about implementation of 50% quota in faculty too.


If someone asks what is it makes IIT’s so special, answer is obvious it’s students,faculty and infrastructure. In case of infrastructure we are not helpless as we can build any infrastructure with investing money.And of course there wont be any dearth of talented students, as hundreds of thousands students take JEE every year, and only about 5000 are selected, and these are the best of brains in our country.But, the real dearth in case of IIT’s is of facuty, the faculty of our IIT’s at present is world class and it is the faculty which makes IIT’s IIT in real sense.The dearth in faculty is due to the fact that talented and educated people hardly choose teaching as an option and the compensation given to the faculty dont help either.


But now what’s going to happen, 50% of the faculty will be selected because they belong to one particular cast. That’s why all IIT’s were strongly opposed to the move of reservation in faculty. But I felt sad in reading today’s newspaper that finally IIT’s have surrendered against our stupid and criminal politicians and have now accepted the move, anyway they had to bow against the Govt they had no choice.


 But it all shows how our politicians like Arjun Singh are busy destroying our prestigious educational institutes  for political interests. Everyone can understand what a few hundred seats in IIT faculty can do for the upliftment of the underprivileged. Rather he, as HRD minister could have taken initiative to open schools in the most backwards areas of the country, and would have allowed all dalit children free of cost. There are lakhs of villages in our country without a single school, but no he will not do that, he will destroy our IIT’s IIM’s an AIIMS to gain cheap publicity.


 I still don’t understand why cant we leave alone our IIT’s to excel and compete with the best in the world, I am sad and disappointed.