Tribute to Inspector MC Sharma












There are certain things, which make us to be proud of our nation and the heroes of our nation. Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, one of the most worthy officers of Delhi police breathed his last yesterday, he was 42. He was badly injured during an encounter with the terrorists in the Jamia nagar area of south Delhi yesterday.


Inspector Sharma, Winner of seven gallantry awards, including the President’s gallantry medal and 150 police rewards, was credited with the killing of 35 terrorists and the arrest of 80 others. Sharma always pioneered Delhi police’s fight against terror. Hardly there was any big operation, that Delhi police performed without Inspector Sharma, and he never failed.


 Even yesterday’s event was a major breakthrough in India’s fight against terror, as they were apparently the same terrorists who were involved in Ahmedabad and Delhi blasts. While two were killed, and two managed to flee, one was nabbed by Delhi police and is under interrogation.


 I salute Inspector Sharma for his bravery and dedication; it’s because of officers like him only that many terror attacks are busted before making any loss to the nation and we manage to live a peaceful life.


 But one question I would like to raise, why he and other policemen were not wearing bulletproof jackets when they were supposed to take on the dangerous terrorists, I’m not sure what’s the reason. Inspector Sharma had bullet wounds on his abdomen, he could definitely be saved if was wearing a bulletproof jacket. While our politicians (Many of them are harming the nation) have so tight security…why our brave officers who take on direct encounter with the terrorists are not taken care of?


 Inspector Sharma, India is proud of you


PS: Later JCP Mr Karnal Singh clarified in his press conference that not wearing bulletproof jacket was a strategy by inspector Sharma himself.